unknown bacterium

for a couple of days i have been using some home made puddle water .Actually I wanted to collect a bit of pond water from my neighbour but i dont thing it would be a good idea since we’r all in quarantine.So i have gathered some puddle water from six different places of our backyard…

Microscopy is an Art

what is this image refers to, from which microscopic pattern this image was drawn

Microscopy is an ART of Knowledge

Hai friends In this post, I am showing an image (with a video) in which that the structure and pattern of my earlier post answers can clear and understand the importance of microscopy to all the uses of the community. In this video, all can get to realize the answers to the structure and pattern.

What is this structure?

Hi to all microcosmos community Today I came with a new design, which I will share with you all. I request all the community members to please see the post for a few seconds and guess the answer and help the society in a knowledgeable manner. The answer to this post question and my earlier…

What is this Image and which pattern is this

Hai friends of my microscopic community, what is this image, and how this image was drawn, and how we can get this kind of exploring information? please find interesting thoughts in this image. Try to share with all and find the answers. A great challenge ahead……

Growth on Thread

I found a thread in our garden, on that thread there was growth just like mushroom & so i observed under d foldscope.

saw stomata at different times of the day

I wanted to see how plants look at day and night time so I took two different pictures on different times day and night we can see the stomatal openings at day time. #Foldscope #science #scienceathome

Sperm and foldscope

https://twitter.com/wdcmaya/status/1267159515503505410?s=21 Leeuwenhoek was the first to see #sperm #cells (1678). Today, we can easily observe them using #foldscope Leeuwenhoek fue el primero en ver #espermatozoides (1678). Hoy, los podemos ver facilmente con el #foldscope #fertility #infertility #ciencia #science #urologia #urology

Microscopic view of “termites”

Hai friends, Today I am posting an article on light attractive insects named Termites. The termites are tiny insects that will generate in both seasons like dry and rainy season. These insects mostly come with the bulk amount in a group-wise manner and roam around the tube lights located at the side of the road…

Motion detection in Foldscope videos using Python and OpenCV

Last year, I was introduced to a wonderful scientific instrument called the ‘Foldscope’. I have spent hours observing things with it. One of my favorite past times is to observe ciliates using the Foldscope. Ciliates are very simple single cell organisms which are easy to find and come in numerous shapes and sizes. Most ciliates…

Entrega de 20 Foldscope Kits a alumnos de la secundaria “Experimental”, Xalapa MEXICO


Nos dimos cita en la escuela “Experimental” para continuar con la entrega de microacopios foldscope.

Este programa resulta un éxito para estimular la investigación científica de alumnos de primaria y secundaria. Nos llena de alegría ver la emoción con la que niñas y niños aprenden y se divierten con sus microscopios, curioseando con hojas, insectos, gotas de agua y hasta sus cabellos.

Con ciencia y tecnología #DDEXalapa #foldscope