Toilet Paper Fibers

These are toilet paper fibers under the foldscope! Notice the individual veins that make up a fabric that can so easily be ripped apart.

Pollens of Sterculia foetida (Jangli badam)

Sterculia foetida (Jangli badam) is flowering in Mumbai. It has two types of flowers 👇. Red one is bisexual and yellow one is male. Photographed its pollens with d Foldscope.

Moth proboscis

Found a dead moth in corridor. Since long I wanted to see a proboscis under d Foldscope. It looks amazing!

Dust Bunny

A small pile of dust from our kitchen floor (I swear, it does get vacuumed sometimes!).

Creating ‘anti-squish’ slides for observing insects using Foldscope

Introduction Ever since I got my hands on a Foldscope, I have been pretty much obsessed with it. I have used the Foldscope to see and discover many interesting things. One fun activity, I am sure every Foldscope user must have tried, is observing insects using a Foldscope. If you have ever tried observing insects you might…

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