Pollens of Commelina diffusa

Pollens of Commelina diffusa as observed through the Foldscope. This is the second Commelina species I have seen in Mumbai. Approximate size of the pollen is 73 microns. #microscope #scicomm #science #sciencetwitter #ecology

Granite pebble stone from Merced river in Yosemite

By using the magnet tapped to the camera of my phone to connect only the lens module of the foldscope, I enabled a way to image the surface of the pebbles. Interestingly, I have seen some very fragile while structure. By breaking the pebbles, we can see an incredible difference outside/inside in terms of color…

#My Blood Cells

I centrifuged my blood and observed it under a foldscope.

Foldscopes in Chavin [Part 2]!

Hi everyone! Belleholic here with part 2 of “Foldscopes in Chavin”! A slight deviation from the typical #bellaholicinperu series, this blog post details some of the foldscopes workshops I did in Chavin. A really rewarding experience, I must say! Click here to find out more: https://sites.google.com/view/bellaholic-in-peru3/home. Have fun reading! More blog posts can be found…

Onion peel