School Survey for Foldscope

Foldscope workshop organized in Government Higher Secondary School in Bichhdod in a rural area of Ujjain district  by Foldscope team of R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain

Foldscope Assembly & Usage Workshop -3 at Govt. College for Women(A), Guntur

One day  Orientation Workshop on “Foldscope Assembly and Usage” sponsored by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India was conducted on 13.07.2018 at Government College for Women(A) , Guntur to create awareness on Foldscope for faculty and PG students. 40 faculty members from the following 10 colleges and 20 PG students from GCW(A), Guntur participated…

Methotrexate – short movie clip with polarizers

Here is a short clip of the Methotrexate crystals under polarizing filters.  Methotrexate was one of the first chemotherapeutic agents (and still used), and was discovered by Yellapragada Subbarao, who also had major contributions in elucidating the role of ATP and earliest antibiotics.


As a part of foldscopic field survey, we have chosen different rice field in our area. Rice is an exclusive crop plant of aquatic habitat, largely raised in an anaerobic or partially anaerobic submerged environment. Diversity of rice fields provides favourable environment for the growth of various group of algae with respect to their requirement…

Mosquito larva

It is the head of mosquito larva. It was found in stagnant water.

Zooplankton in a water puddle

It was a foot-deep puddle near the boundary of our large housing complex. For months no-one gave it a second look — till its wealth of gliding, writhing animal life was revealed by our foldscopes. Only then we found out that the water in this permanent puddle came from a rusty, leaking one-inch metal pipe…

Spirogyra shape

Today in a stagnant water in our local area( Charaikhola,Assam) I found this spirogyra.l

Fungal growth on sheath of corn cob

I had gone for roasted corn cob (called Bhutta  in my native language), when I landed on this foldscope adventure. Corn cobs are a delicacy in monsoons, however, before the vendor could roast it on charcoal fire, I noticed black moldy growth on the outer layer of the corn husk.   Surprisingly, another fungal disease…


Testate amoebae from non irrigated soil ( Cotton field)

Testate amoebae are tiny microscopic single-celled organisms found in soil, water, wetlands etc. The amoeba secretes the siliceous or calcareous shells themselves grow,  and that shell called a ‘test’, hence the name. Testate amoebae. Testate amoebae have one aperture, or hole, in its shell out of which it projects itself to move around and feed. The…

One Day Workshop on Foldscope & its applications

RAMAKRISHNA MISSION RESIDENTIAL HIGH SCHOOL,MYLAPORE,CHENNAI One day workshop on Foldscope & its applications Ramakrishna Mission Residential High School had organized one day workshop on 30-06-2018 in which 36 teachers from various institutions like Sarada Vidyalaya, Vivekananda Centenary School, Minit, Sri Ramakrishna Centenary Primary School, Ramakrishna Mission Residential High School and Ramakrishna Mission Polytechnic College participated….


RAMAKRISHNA MISSION RESIDENTIAL HIGH SCHOOL MYLAPORE, CHENNAI – 600004 ——————————————————————————————————————- Since the our students do not have individual E-Mail account, I kindly request you to join the those account in rkmschool S.NO NAME OF THE STUDENTS FOLD SCOPE REGISTER NO 1 CORRESPONDENT 000284E1090E 2 M.R. DHIRAVIDANITHI 000264FF1C31 3 S.NATARAJAN 00023DEFBFOE 4 M.MARIMUTHU 00025A5E988E 5 M.NAVEEN…

Pashmina fibre sample

Pashmina fibre sample observed under Foldscope. SKUAST-K Name(required) Email(required) Website Message Pashmina fibre sample


Hello  everyone Prof (Retd) B. M. Musthafa, Integrated Rural Technology Centre (IRTC), Mundur (PO), Palakkad, Kerala. Project Title:  Participatory Microbial count Assessment and Water Conservation Training in Malampuzha Block, Palakkad, Kerala and Water Quality Profiling.  Please contact me on, those who are working in the similar area from NER for the twinning program as per DBT…

Gossypium herbaceum
Gossypium herbaceum Gossypium herbaceum

Chronic Inflammatory Lesion

Chronic inflammatory lesion comprising of lymphohistiocytic infiltrate as seen under Foldscope from Department of Pathology of R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain


The section shows endocervical glands lined by columnar epithelium as seen under Foldscope from Department of Pathology of R D Gardi Medical College, Ujjain