Foldscope at instituto publico – Miguel de Cervantes

Today we were excited to share microscopy and Foldscope biology with a local school in Managua, Nicaragua. With a very full class of biology students we first collected samples and then together folded Foldscopes and created slides with the students. They were great and it was amazing to see how quickly the students were able to learn how to fold and assemble the microscope!  We are hoping to see posts from them soon! In the meantime here are a few photos and videos of my own from the visit:


Folding folscopes!

We first looked at red ants, here is a picture of a leg through one of the Foldscopes that we folded together:

The students thought that the microscope was very interesting and easy to fold!

Here is Daniel, their biology teacher, who comments on the workshop. He says they are very impressed with how easy it is to fold and how well it works!

Daniel y estudiantes, si estan leyendo esto, estamos ansiosos de ver sus descubrimientos, videos y fotos usando el foldscope en esta pagina de microcosmos!
– Josh

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    @Joshua: It’s really nice to see the energy and excitement in the rooms. Please train @Daniel and create his “foldscope login account” so he can independently share his own posts and explorations. It’s crucial to follow up with the community and share the growing extent of what can be done with a simple tool.

    Delighted to see all those smiling faces.


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