Students involved : Bharthi kumari , Shilpa shree , Leelavati.

College name : CMR National PU college ITPL , Bangalore

Sample name : Algae

Site of sample collection: Varthur lake ( 2nd largest lake) in Bangalore.

Date of collection: 13/06/2019

Date of observation: 21/06/2019.

Description: My friends and I had observed the algae under foldscope collected from varthur lake.

Varthur lake is the second largest lake in Bangalore . It is a part of a system of interconnected tanks and canals.

The water analysis show that varthur lake is heavily polluted, enriched in nutrients with high Organic load , increased decomposition of organic matter, which leads to depletion of oxygen level and macrophytes cover. The physico chemical characteristics of foam (normally sticky and white in colour) samples collected from varthur lake revealed that foam had higher concentration of ionic as well as organic components. Foams were enriched with particulate organic and inorganic components such as nutrients ( nitrogen , phosphorous,and carbon) and cations ( sodium, potassium,calcium,magnesium).

Varthur lake receives all the surface runoff wastewater and sewage from the Bangalore south taluk . Thus , nutrients enrichment and profuse growth of marcophytes and algae occur which leads to reduced oxygen level and threats aquatic life.

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  1. MananSuri says:

    There seem to be certain organisms swimming around in your videos. Very interesting to observe the ecosystem exhibited just withing your slide.

    1. Bharthi Kumari says:

      Thank you sir for guiding us , inspiring us and make us what we are today.

  2. MananSuri says:

    I am actually in the same age group as you… So, you don’t really need to call me Sir :).

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