CMR National PU College , ITPL , Bangalore.

Sample name: Moss

Collected from: In a damp area, on the ground.

Date of observation: 27/06/19

Students involved:

Esha , K.V Sreeja.

OBSERVATION: A small leafy like structure.

Mosses are small flowerless plants that typically grow in dense green clumps or mats, often in damp or shady locations. Their leaves are simple, usually only a single layer of cells with no internal air spaces, often with thicker midribs. They do not have proper roots , but have threadlike rhizoids that anchor them to their substrate. Mosses do not absorb water or nutrients from their substrate through their rhizoids. In addition mosses do not have true leaves or stems.Their leaf-like structures are called phyllids.

leafy like structure.

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