Foldscope kuppam (DC micronauts)

My father and I went to Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh (India) to hold a foldscope workshop for rural kids at the Agastya International Foundation (AIF) on the 11th of August. We went there with the wildlife expert Dr. R Bhanumathi. We had 36 people in total, 21 students and 15 teachers. We split the group into two: 18 with my dad and 18 with me. First they assembled the foldscope.

One of the girls assembling the foldscope.
My dad is instructing how to fold the foldscope
My dad instructing about  foldscope assembly
I am helping one of the girls who had a problem assembling.
Students being helped with assembly
Everyone is showing their finished foldscope.
Everyone showing their finished foldscope.

After assembling the foldscope we looked at a variety of premade slides such as onion skin and dog intestine cross-section. They were so amazed when they looked at these sample for the first time.

The particpants just didnt want to stop; some even didnt break for lunch. The participants then made their own slides and looked at a variety of samples like petals, pollen, dirt, leaves, rotifers, cheek cells, and ants.

One of the teachers looked at their cheek cellscells and
One of the teachers looked at their cheek cells.

We took an hour to look at our own samples under the slides. Everyone wanted to see what the other had found and share the wonders they had seen under the foldscope.

Sadly the day came to an end and every one had to go home, but everyone had learned something new and amazing that day.

Everyone who attended the workshop
Everyone who attended the workshop

I find it amazing how every kid can see amazing things under the foldscope and how the foldscope can easily reach so many different people across the world. I had an amazing experience.

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  1. Cristina says:

    Congratulations for your work, @Vaish! What a wonderful experience for all of them!

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    What a remarkable work @Vaish and @Laks. We will be meeting folks from Agastya this week; to explore long term extension of this work.

    It’s so encouraging for everyone using Foldscope to see DC Micronauts travel the globe and share the wisdom and knowledge with people around the world. The smile on faces of girls you all engaged is self-evident. Hope you had wonderful trip. Did the participants speak English or an Indian language.

    Again; I want to thank you for taking the initiative and inspiring others.


    1. Vaish says:

      some spoke telegu and some spoke tamil. They could kind of understand english so I spoke tamil to the tamil speakers and they translated it to their friends. Teachers also helped translate.

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