Foldscope as an education tool in Argentina


Hi folks! Since I came back from Prakash Laboratory, I showed everyone I know the huge possibilities of the Foldscope. I talked with the media about it and one day I received an email of Esteban Bullrich, the Argentinian Education Minister. He invited me to talk about the Foldscope and we decided to implement it in the whole country as an education tool for High School students. We believe that a hole generation of minds can change because of having a microscope in their pockets. In Argentina, there are thousands of science passionate kids who doesn’t have economic resources to access a scientific tool. That can change now. This could be a really big change not only for the Argentinian education system, but for the course of the country itself.

Here is a video of the meeting! (Sorry, no subs)



I will keep you updated about how everything works out!


See you soon!

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    @Marcos: it’s inspiring to read about your meeting. Would love to see a translation of the conversation in English 🙂

    Sorry I missed the Friday call – I will ask Max to fill me in and schedule another call with a concrete plan. Also; can you send us an email introducing Esteban. We have several routes; and I want to discuss this at length. Will wait for your email.


    1. marcosbruno says:


      Glad to hear you liked the meeting! I can work on adding subtitles to the video.

      No problem about the call. And yes, I am going to introduce Esteban.

      See you soon!

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