Summer Camp – part 4 (plants and insects)

We  spent some time outside of the classroom and students collected lots of plants and insects and mounted them on slides.

Here are a few images/videos of insects that the students shared with me:

Eye and legs of a spider:

IMG_9994 IMG_9995 IMG_9997

Armenia is land of apricots. We ate lots of them everyday. One day we opened an apricot and saw very small worm looking organisms inside. Turned out they were these tiny flies (?) :


The antenna and  legs of a couple of ants:


IMG_9826 IMG_9882  IMG_9869

Hair from the thorax of this butterfly-like insect:


They managed to fit a really big ant alive under the coverslip:

Here’s some grass that looked like hare barley:


and a flower petal:


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