Foldscope + Raspberry Camera? A New Adapter!

raspberry to foldscope adapterBefore start observing microcosmos, I built this simple and very cheap adapter. I’m using it to link foldscope on my Raspberry Camera, in order to acquire videos and picture. The advantages are:

  • Better stability, and comfort (compared to smartphone solution)
  • Better quality (RasPI Cam compared to others same price webcams)
  • RasPI Camera has many adjustable parameters (contrast, fps, brightness etc.)
  • Simple to build and to use

To build this adapter, I simply took a thin piece of wood and holed it with a 10mm drill. Then I pasted the “magnetic strip” (which connect foldscope with smartphone) with vinyl glue. After 24 hours I put the camera into the hole (the sides of camera are longer than 10mm, so the cam is stable). The following picture show the adapter and final result:


raspberry to foldscope adapter

raspberry to foldscope adapter

raspberry to foldscope adapter


Sorry for my english, this is my first “serious” post in a foreign language! For italian Foldscope users I posted a longer and more complete article on my blog:  Raspberry to Foldscope Adapter

And that’s a video!

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  1. Alice Dai says:

    This is really awesome! I’ve played around with Raspberry Pi and Foldscope, and it’s very cool to see it work so well. Have you tried using this setup in the field?

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Wonderful. Brings a big smile to me. Really like the balsa wood solution. @alice: you should make the same as well.

    Now, a question. What about having a simple portable screen as well – that way you can image the same in the field. What’s a reasonable quality screen that mounts with raspberry PI.

    @Brian: you need to catchup and share your code!!


  3. tobpic says:

    Thank You Manu! There are lots of very cheap touchscreens (yes, touch!) for Raspberry: you can buy some of these for less than 35$! I think that using RasPI to upload pictures and videos can be useful for “cheap & remote diagnostics” (for example, medical diagnostic?). Raspberry + Touchscreen + Foldscope + my Adapter = less than 80$

  4. Matt.Rossi says:

    This is super cool! My university has a maker space I’ve wanted to use. This may be my project with them! Thanks for posting!

  5. Kate Honan says:

    Very cool…

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