Foldscope activity 21-day challenge

On Feb 8, 2022/ I challenged myself to do science public outreach using Foldscope as a tool in my local community Iraq, Kirkuk for kids consistently without skipping a day. Starting today March 10th, I will update this post continuously to add more information about my adventures.
So if you are curious about exciting stories (how it went? did I make it and what happened along the way?
Save this post and check it everyday after 11am EST. Each day of the challenge will be shared as separate posts. Links below…

Note: By the time I am writing this post the challenge is over.
For the next period starting today, I will be sharing with you what I documented everything from (notes & media) in this adventure of science education/communication for public.

Equipment and accessories been used for the activity:
1- Foldscope / 2- Three kinds of magnifiers / 3- Accessories.

Day 1 (Feb, 9th) >
Day 2 (Feb, 10th) >
Day 3 (Feb, 11th) >
Day 4 (Feb, 12th) >
Day 5 (Feb, 13th) >
Day 6 (Feb, 14th) >

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  1. jholmes says:

    VERY Nice!

    Congratulations on so much fun and science!!!


    1. Mohamad says:

      Dear Jay,

      Thanks for your comment and showing support, much appreciated.


  2. ckurihara says:

    Mohamad- What a great adventure! So grateful for folks like you who are willing to try new things with children around the world. Can’t wait to read all of you posts!!


    1. Mohamad says:

      Dear Christine,

      Thanks for your comment, you are the best this would not happen without your support back in old days, so you are part of this success too.


  3. Eden Educational Resource Centre says:


    1. Mohamad says:

      Thanks, wish you all the best.

  4. sameerUNO says:

    What a great idea to challenge your self to do Awesome things.

    1. Mohamad says:

      Dear Sameer,

      Thanks and happy to see a comment from you too. Come and join if you want and lets challenge each other to do even more awesome things.

      Let me know if you are interested.

  5. Manu Prakash says:

    What an incredible initiative Mohammad. So excited to see your everyday adventure.


    1. Mohamad says:

      Dear Manu,

      This is your vision coming to life and all prior credits goes to Team Foldscope for enabling this to reach new places around the world.

      It’s way more than just a tool its the movement and mission that this tool carries. Thanks for dreaming a world where every kid has access to do science.


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