Foldscope activity challenge Day 1

2022-02-09 Wednesday 17:00 +3GMT

First day of the challenge started in a kids fair called “Al-Sanafer”. I involved my young brother and cousins to so they gain new experience and try new format of Team making in science public outreach for target audience being “Kids”.

Link to their facebook post

Foldscope activity Team powered by Kids.
From left to right:
(Ingi – Mustafa – Youssef – Me – Ipek – another Mohammed)

We prepared different slides both dry and wet samples and took 5 Foldscopes with us expecting I will be talking most of the time so the team will show other kids the Foldscope.

On our way walking there the fair is in our neighborhood, I suggested we form small groups of 2 to spread. When we reached there I talked with the responsible man he called the director, I had to wait little bit until he came, I explained what we are trying to do and what are our goals.
He welcomed us.

In the beginning the team was little bit shy to talk to families because before showing foldscope we had to talk to their families to explain what their kids are going to see. So I had to do all talking and the process were slow compared to how many of us were there. But slowly they got along and started stepping up and showing every possible kids around the foldscope.

We had challenge of not being able to capture all moments in camera but thankfully the kids took some great pictures to show you all.

My first Foldscope circle

One of the kids as seen in the pictures left side I noticed his fingers are always in his mouth. So I tried make him realize that’s not healthy by raising awareness about personal hygiene. Hope I left good impact behind.

Activity Review & Lessons.

  • Managing one group of kids is tricky because I have to keep an eye on everyone while I am doing the work. I think smaller team will be more practical and efficient, later as kids get more practice lager teams could be considered and roles assigned into small groups.
  • Extra responsibility when kids are involved. My cousin Mustafa hit his head and he was feeling pain in his back. Anything could have happened to him there thankfully he was okay after some time but I asked him step back and just sit down because he was feeling dizzy little bit.
  • Keep my back straight up.
  • We needed a good photographer to capture most of the activity
  • Clear introductory and agreement with the host. Discuss before ahead the requirements and questions about tagging in social media, paid, free or partnership plans so to prepare logistics and provide service accordingly.
  • Wear special uniform to catch attention.
  • Print some basic information about the activity and mention social media handles to follow up.

Questions from people and I need to elaborate more about.
Who we are?
Why we are doing this?
How to get Foldscope?
Who is funding us?

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  1. ckurihara says:

    First time seeing a foldscope session in a ball pit – pretty cool for the kids!

    1. Mohamad says:

      Yeah they were having all fun until Foldscope came in to add on that wonder and curiosity.

  2. jholmes says:

    Sounds like success! 🙂 Great job! Tee-shirts for the team would be a good idea. What did you have for you wet and dry specimens? Have to be careful not to drop anything in the ball pit! 🙂 The Blue and Yellow Foldscope would be hard to find in there! It all looks wonderful! Congratulations on taking science to the people! I love it! – Jay

    1. Mohamad says:

      Dear Jay,
      Enjoying reading your comments on my posts.

      To answer your questions:
      Ready slides like flies wings, onion shell, plant.
      Wet sample was from mud water one drop firmly been put in slide and covered by tape.

      Haha yeah indeed Foldscope will be hard to find as all foldscopes come with same color -one side is yellow and other side blue-.

      Thanks for your encouragement, and putting the time to send feedback. Much appreciated.

      Warm regards,

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