Foldscope, Tardigrade and The Himalayas Part 05

Hey folks, here’s a post about my journey in the Himalayas with Foldscope. Follow me on Twitter and Researchgate to know more.
Lets continue…

After Khardung La pass we entered Nubra valley (Coldest Desert of India)
Still no sign of Lichens anywhere…

Nubra Valley 01

Nubra valley 02

Nubra Desert 01

Nubra Desert 02

Me and Deepak with Foldscope in Nubra Desert

Foldscope in Nubra valley Desert

Coldest Desert?? Warmest Camels!!!

We’re almost reaching the end… Part 06 in the making….

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  1. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

    True expedition, Foldscope is reaching every corner

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    These pictures just melt my heart – we are transformed for a second to feel the breeze and the wind!! And the heavy back packs you must all be carrying to sustain yourself.

    The only solace I give myself is that you did not have to lug a giant heavy microscope on your back – and you had a foldscope at hand. I am curious if you got a chance to pull out and share foldscope with local folks (nomadic or otherwise) you met along the way. In my travels – it’s always a great conversation starter 😉


    1. Thanks Manu, will be heading back to the Himalayas 2 weeks from now. Will try it…


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