Foldscope, Tardigrade and The Himalayas Part 01

Hey folks, here’s a post about my journey in the Himalayas with Foldscope. Follow me on Twitter and Researchgate to know more.
My current endeavour on Tardigrades (water bears) started as a passion for Astrobiology, these tiny creatures are known to survive extreme environment conditions (i.e., low or high temperatures/pressures, high dosage of X-rays/gamma rays/UV radiations) and then revert to normal state as if nothing happened. They undergo a state where the metabolism rate almost reaches zero. This state is known as Cryptobiosis. Further Reading

Now what’s the connection with the Himalayas?? Tardigrades are distributed throughout the globe, you name the place, you’re going to find them there. Yes!!! The Himalayas too!!!

So my journey started from the lower valleys of Kullu-Manali (32.2396325 N 77.1887145 E; 1898m above sea level) in search of Tardigrades

River Baes overlooking the valley

Manali Forest 01
Manali Forest 02
Manali jungle 01
Manali Jungle 02

Found and collected Lichen samples in the place

Lichen Sample 01

Lichen Sample 02
Lichen Sample 03
Lichen Sample 04
Me, collecting some Lichen samples

Me and Deepak failed to find Tardigrades, so we collected some more to bring it back to the lab.

Me, finding for some Tardigrades

Deepak too..

We further trekked to our next site, Sethan (32.2361262 N 77.222686 E; 2722 m above sea level) and collected some more samples and halted for the day.

Path to Sethan

Sethan Valley
Strange tree on the way. LOL!!!!
Lichen Sample 01
Lichen Sample 02
Lichen Sample 03

Stay Tuned for Part 02….


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  1. edurafi says:

    Fingers crossed. Let’s hope you find the Tardigrade in the samples you collected. I’m also in search of Tardigrade but haven’t found it yet.

    1. There’s a surprise at the end 😉

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