Introducing Foldscope App


Thrilled to announce and share the Foldscope app; live at iOS store. You all know this has been under development for a while; it’s such a joy to share this with all of you. Please go download it and give it a spin. I am writing this post from the app itself.

A key feature included is a scale bar on the images. Please set your digital zoom scale for your phone (easy way to do this is via a simple printed grid of known size). Finally, all the data will include scale bars!

Please share this with other foldscope users.


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  1. edurafi says:

    Amazing! This will be really helpful in getting more Foldscope yours to share their observations.

    When is android version coming.

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Android version will be online in a day or two!


  3. jot:entdecken says:

    Dear Manu,

    I’m thrilled to hear that there is a Foldscope-App and I’m looking forward to test it:
    Since I read your post, I’m regularly checking the app store of my Android phone to see if it’s available. Unfortunately, I cannot find it. Has there been a delay or could it be a problem that I’m trying to find in Germany?

    Best wishes

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