Salt crystallizing under a foldscope

Im getting intrested in fractals and wanted to see some natural crystals and how they from so I decided to film salt crystallizing under a Foldscope. And here is what I came with. ×CAUTION× Before trying this be aware they it is DANGEROUS to play with high temperature and you can burn yourself and the foldscope.

Step 1. Get your self some supplies 1. Nichrome wire 32 guage 2. Glass capillary 3. Extra slides that you can brake. 4. Power supply 3A 5v.

Step 2. Make a sandwich of two glass slides with a little bit of the nichrome wire in between them. Put the ends of the nichrome wire through the capillary tubes.

Step 3. Prapere the salt solution use 1 gram of sale with 5ml of water and deslove the salt thoroughly.

Step 4. Add the drop of a salt water on one side of the slide and put it in the foldscope as usual and setup the foldscope with your phone or camera and supple the nichrome with power supply periodically for 1 second on and off.

Don’t forget to turn your camera on.

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  1. Thuan Nguyen Dieu says:

    Very nice! ❤❤

  2. Jana says:

    I like it! In the video the salt was not showing then it showed. Very cool.

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