Tutorial: How to do “in-situ” live imaging of plant leaf cells without damaging a plant

Usually, the most creative (and difficult) process of live imaging is discovering how to grow/keep alive whatever you want to image under a glass slide. This is not trivial, since organisms sense local environment which has a dramatic effect on the sample.

In the latest design, we coupled a new way to mount live plant samples – by magnetically coupling leaves so you can image stomatal dynamics. Here is a quick tutorial video to do the same. Depending on what you are imaging, it’s helpful to have light on maximum intensity (without diffuser). If the image is not focused; play with the new ramp.

The real thrill of this is when you can setup time lapse; go to sleep and watch a leaf grow when you wake up in the morning. Just setting it up; will update tomorrow on the same.

Just some quick observations. I find it remarkable how much the cellular geometry changes with every few millimeters.



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  1. laksiyer says:

    @Manu. Fantastic. I am waiting for aphids to grow on my plant. Live imaging of little insect pests that barely move on the leaf is now a reality with this.

    1. Saad Bhamla says:

      @manu. This is super cool. I finally got around to playing with my kit and figured out through your images how to properly mount the included illumination!

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