Ask a Foldscoper – YouTube Live event!! Wednesday June 6th 9pm Pacific Time

Hi Foldscopers!

I’m planning a YouTube Live event this Wednesday night June 6th (Pacific Time)! Please vote via the doodle poll below and I will host the Live event during the most popular time slot 🙂Poll closed! I will be hosting on June  6th, 9pm Pacific Time. Thank you for your participation!

This is our first YouTube Live event, and I’m planning to host it regularly in the future. I hope many of you can tune in with your Foldscope related questions and/or tips to share!

In this post, I’d like to share some of my tips for getting clearer images with Foldscope. These are frequently asked questions.

Q. I can’t see anything!

  • Check the tutorial video on Microcosmos 🙂
  • Let’s compare our Foldscopes front and back

Q. How do I clean the lens?

  • Cleaning the lens – use water if the dirt is stuck, remove dirt with the cotton swab, using gentle circular motion

Q. How do I get a clear, focused image?

  • For best images, consider investing in a box of glass slides and glass cover slips. You can tape the sides of the cover slips on the the glass slide to secure it in place.
  • Focusing (anytime) keep your sample within the middle of the “field of view” (the circle of light coming through the lens) for best focus
  • Focusing (direct view with your eye) : hold down on one side of the lens stage at the half moon shape with your one hand, use your dominant hand to slide the focus ramp to adjust focusing
  • Focusing (attached on your phone) : try not to hold down on parts of Foldscope other than focus ramp, when you adjust focus, your sample might move, gently move the lens stage to keep the sample in the middle of the “field of view” and continue adjusting with your focus ramp
  • Use good light source so that the light fills the entire “field of view” : looking up towards a skylight or a window, using LED light included in the kit, ambient light (NOT direct sunlight) if outdoors

Keep exploring and hoping to see many of you tune in this Wednesday night Pacific Time (or Thursday depending on where you are!)


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