Classroom Workshop on the Japurá River

We held a workshop for a classroom on the Japurá River.

The age range for the students was around 7-11 years old, so this post will be a bit shorter– as the whole team had their hands full the entire time. 😀

Also given that age range, we thought it may be best to assemble the foldscopes with just the parents and teachers. But of course, the kids had other plans! They immediately dove into building the Foldscopes with us. If I’ve learned anything from these workshops, it’s that children are just awesome builders and scientists. Curious and fearless.

As the assembly process was going on, one woman who caught my eye. Holding her baby throughout the entire process,  building a microscope in her free hand.

I was reminded of a foldscope workshop we held at Cornell awhile back in April. The room was filled with educators, volunteering their time on their weekends to learn a new skill– while still juggling the workload they already shoulder. Different places, circumstances, but the feeling was familiar. I am forever impressed by peoples’ dedication to learn new skills and get things done.


Until next time!

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