Foldscope unleashed curiosity of Iraq’s Kids towards new world.

One tool, drived us to a new excitement!

Dear Foldscope community,

This is very exciting moment for all of us as “Knowledge Space” Team as well as any who met Foldscope in Iraq. Thankfully by the Kits – sent by generous Foldscope Team I did the first workshop in Iraq, Kirkuk with the help of Knowledge Space Team.

The workshop was unique and original by the warm emotions that kids made us feel. For that reason, I can say Foldscope brought the smile at the same time adventure into 11 kids lives the participated. 

I prepared some slides for them to see for example Onion peel and human hair.
But, unfortunately, I couldn’t prepare a moving microorganism slide to show them the motility of microorganisms.

Onion Peel

We are looking forward to contributing to this community of Foldscope by sharing our discoveries. Plus we are amazed by interesting posts are being shared so we are really having fun and learning at the same time.

Thanks for reading our first story and I am willing to know many of you by the time.


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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Mohamad,

    You work inspires all of us. Seeing the smile on the face of the kids Is phenomenal. We want to warmly
    Welcome you to the global foldscope community. As the first (I think) post from Iraq; it’s even more special. Thanks for engaging both in your community and sharing the challenges and opportunities in science education.

    In behalf of kids around the world – thank you! Can’t wait to see more explorations posted here – and let’s get you foldscope v2.0 soon!


    1. Mohamad says:

      Thanks for warm welcome dear Manu it means alot to us.
      I have sent an email to foldscope mailing address regarding this update raising some points about next steps.
      Can you please check it? My email is (
      Thanks in advance.
      Looking forward to sharing many many posts here😀.


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