Snapshots of the Microcosmos!

Hello Foldscope community,

Microcosmos continually amazes me. In fact, it amazes me in at least three ways:

  1. the biology (and other science) that users discover and capture is beautiful and fascinating
  2. the technological innovations and hacks that users invent are ingenious
  3. the variety of global locations from which posts are made is inspiring and eye-opening

To celebrate these three facets of Microcosmos, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite posts within each of these categories. Whether you are new to the Foldscope community or have been here from the beginning, take a look and discover/reminisce over old posts. This is not a “best of” list, simply just a collection of things I have found helpful and inspiring. Add your own suggestions in the comments!

Incredible Biology


Global Reach

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Thanks for a phenomenal compilation @Max. New users will find this very inspiring.


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